Arguments against gay marriages

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Marriage law has long been a state matter, and in the United States that has meant, literally, a state rather than a federal matter. If someone wants to argue that two people who have not in the past been recognized as marriage partners should now be recognized as marriage partners, one must demonstrate that marriage law not civil rights law has overlooked or misidentified something that it should not have overlooked or misidentified. Annual Review of Psychology64 Journal of Homosexuality36 Results and Discussion Descriptive statistics are provided in Table G of the online supplement. Empirically, however, we observed that they were very highly intercorrelated.

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Opposition to equality We conducted a similar mediation analysis including opposition to equality and sexual prejudice as mediators, this time adjusting for resistance to change.

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Same-Sex "Marriage" Is Not a Civil Right

Gay and lesbian attitudes toward same-sex parenting in Italy. Journal of Social Issues67 But, of course, since legal declarations cannot turn reality into something it cannot become, a variety of conundrums, contradictions, and anomalies will inevitably arise. Descriptive statistics are provided in Table C of the online supplement. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology77

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Serial multiple mediator model predicting opposition to same-sex marriage from religiosity, resistance to change, and sexual prejudice, adjusting for opposition to equality Study 4b. In Study 3, we more closely examined the ideological underpinnings of these effects, and investigated whether preferences for the status quo i. Adjusting for participant sex yielded nearly identical results. Law that is just must begin by properly recognizing and distinguishing identities and differences in reality in order to be able to give each its legal due. Journal of Gay Lesbian Social Services22 Group-based dominance and opposition to equality as independent predictors of self-esteem, ethnocentrism, and social policy attitudes among African Americans and European Americans.