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Indeed, much of the general public's "education" about the lives of gay Americans has come at the hands of television comedy. Special Projects. Real News. The Social Justice Advocate's Handbook. Latino Voices. One mother of a lesbian I knew told me that what disturbed her most about her daughter's sexual orientation was the thought of her having sex with another woman.

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But one challenge we've had in achieving the full acceptance of people who are gay is that the very nature of what we're "accepting" forces us to think about -- and talk about -- someone else's sexual activity.

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But by making gay characters something to laugh at, does it also risk making gay humor the only form of gay we can take? The positives coming out of this explosion in gay comedy is that we're heading in the direction of equal opportunity ridicule for all sex. Help us tell more of the stories that matter from voices that too often remain unheard.

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The most fallacious argument against gay marriage is that it's somehow going to jeopardize the straight kind, something that seeing gay couples on TV -- in humorous situations or otherwise -- can help battle.

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