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It was a muggy June day but this being Connecticut, I encountered some snow: Since the blue moon August 31, I have been doing some research and have come across some very interesting information in addition to the existing information, yesterday I toured the witches black forest, did not know it was there, oh, my I was surprised, scared and excited, I called the police who directed me to the park sheriff. It was a strange moment. This would be the first of several mills on the site two of them burned to the ground. After passing by it, the Gay City Trail comes to an end and your only option keep hiking forward is to head north on the… Continue below …………………………………………………….

gay city park trail map
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I grew up within walking distance from this place.

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What is not confirmed are the dozens of stories, rumors and reports alluding to the supernatural activities in Gay City. Dog Friendly On Leash Only. I started with the Seaside Sanatorium and am planning a trip to check out Gay City. Actually, the buttons came from the scrap rags used in the paper-making process.

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So sit down with me on the most perfect posture bench and learn some more about this place.

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