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It has never been made explicitly clear whether Smithers is into all guys or just Mr. While sometimes it was easier to hate Noah than to love him, it was always clear that beneath his armor there stood a knight. Burns, but he definitely loves his boss, which is good enough for us. As usual, we left the female characters to our sisters over at AfterEllen. My Latin neighbour Ghetto gay Superstar - BC Productions It was obvious, say, when his video camera barely paused on some hot girl on girl action, instead lingering over handyman Xander.

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The greatness of Smithers is that he is the only one who understands how truly excellent Mr.

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But at the end of Season 3, his heart broken one too many times, Ian departed on a bus to enlist—leaving Mickey and the audience to mourn his hopefully temporary loss. Paul And Guiseppe Boxful Of Valentines Pt2 For ever even seeing Kevin Walker as potential boyfriend material, despite the priggishness, snubs, and insults like, oh, trying to pay him for his time. There were other serious boyfriends — a studly, closeted soap actor; a minister with heavenly abs.

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Despite heartbreak and loss, he always picked himself up, dusted himself off, spent a few days wrapped in a blanket eating ice cream, and then went out and did it all over again. He is not simply a statement or storyline or supporting character used to build up the diversity of the gang. He begins to develop feelings for the gay friend. Through most of season 1, Ianto was terse, grim, and detached because his great lady love had been turned into a Cyberwoman and destroyed. Gay or not, the title character from the iconic and groundbreaking NBC sitcom is a tour-de-force. Many gay men of a certain age probably remember watching the show as a child and being secretly overjoyed to see someone like them on the small screen. The more we got to know Will, the more we grew to love him.

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