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Introducing himself as "Shawn Devlin," the boy apparently gave officers no indication that he was in fact Shawn Hornbeck and had been abducted ten months earlier. Does your girlfriend believe that you may violently kill her, or at least give her an incurable sexually transmitted disease? For almost 2 years. Cuz that steady stream of dick was just THAT good! Missouri law allows year-olds to drive, but only if an adult is with them.

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Who Knew Shawn Hornbeck/Devlin while he was held captive?

Say Devlin "spoiled him rotten". She said after he had raped her several times she felt so dirty that she didn't think anyone would love her again. Does anyone really need to know the gory details? A neighbor approached the two officers and said he'd been suspicious about the truck's owner, a burly man who lived in Apartment D. But the truth of it was I was absolutely terrified of him.

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Freedom of speech goes both ways. He has no apparent criminal past, except for a pair of traffic fines, officials said. He never had any problems with anyone. As yet, no motive, no details Investigators have given no motive for the crime and no details on what the boys went through. Dying house plants sit neglected near the pitted parking lot, and the communal Dumpster overflows with household trash.

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