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Having this inside scoop will definitely make my nights out there with a queer agenda much more successful. I noted those that tend to be more friendly to women; not all are welcoming for women and transpeople. Where are you a grad student at? Zack Smith July 4: Thinking of heading to New Orleans during Mardi Gras season?

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Gotta get me down to that country club shebang, sounds rad.

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Rebecca Ratliff Stroll Down Royal Street Street performers and a variety of interesting shops and galleries make strolling down Royal Street quite the experience. Carnival Kings Ampersand Friday night: This city has a magical pull. The Allways Lounge always has something going on. My gal and I are headed to New Orleans November 16th through 20th. Central City institution for independent film, queer films, and several film festivals.

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New Orleans is legitimately one of the greatest cities in the U. I liked the 3 floor option and the silhouettes on the 3rd floor. The events come from the people which is why we always say it is community-led and -driven. Sooo excited to see a post about my hometown!!! Whitney White Linen Night A night celebrating art in the city while dressed in white.

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