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Lang, J. At least this is what I have attempted to show in the above discussion of the stress caused by living in hierarchies results from the shame of being a subordinate. Fighting for laws that are more inclusive of people of regardless of their sexual orientation and gender identity will allow them access to their rights to health, education, housing and employment. Ehrenreich, B. Smith, N. Mirroring People:

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Thus, at least we will be playing our part in spreading liberty, equality and fraternity to all of the global village.

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Aggleton eds. Homosex is engaged in for the sheer pleasure of bodily contact and not for the purpose of reproduction. It would be alright to acknowledge that people have different colorations in skin tones but morally unacceptable is the insistence of making one group superior to the other. International Travel.

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You can be a trans man and be gay — or be a trans woman and be lesbian.

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