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Like the majority of the country literallyHillary Shields woke up disgusted November 9. Look up from your phone and out the windows. But now the good news: This dimly lit romantic restaurant sets the mood without being too serious. This led to a very public confrontation that only served to highlight the fact that the Royal had evolved into a city-subsidized country club for a small group of rich people its popular, one-night-a-year barbecue competition excepted. Bootleggers pictured here tends to draw a somewhat older, leather-and-Levi's bunch.

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Then, a surprise:

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In Brookside, Unbakery and Juicery is making cold-pressed juices and tonics de rigueur, and has made us serious fans of fresh tuna and salmon poke, vegan salads and no-bake goodies. Undeniably true. Shes one of my homies.

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Installed on both exterior sides of pickets on a fence, the work consists of photos depicting historic KC figures, past and present, that blend into an optical illusion when the viewer is in motion.

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