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The club held fundraisers to defray hotel and airfare costs for getting people to Seattle. The accusation, which ended up spawning a federal lawsuit that could change the way gay sports are played around the country, was simple and yet very hard to prove: Interestingly, all the parties involved seem to think that someday there will no longer be a need to fight in federal court over how to defend this country's gay sports space. That player is white and was ruled "gay. Like a city within Seattle, West Seattle has pretty much everything somebody would need, including a strong sense of community. The Gay Softball World Series was under way, an alternate universe of competitive sports that moves each year to a different city, bringing with it nearly gay softball teams from across the United States and Canada, as well as thousands of spectators.

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I just edited mine, well added stuff, and sent in the final copy.

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Queer Girl City Guide: Seattle, Washington

LaRon Charles, a short, scrappy, goateed military veteran, was serving as the team's coach. I'm saying that they have, and that's breaking down the barriers of sports. Held randomly throughout the year at Chop Suey. Features Apr 20, Check Yelp for other ideas- or just ask that cute girl next to you on the bus where she got her hair done!

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Cool interior design and great bloody marys. Some say she does the best short cuts in the whole city, and I have to agree. These two divisions are then subdivided into four categories based on skill level. Besides San Francisco and New York, Seattle might just be the next most expensive city in the nation. Both are places with gay softball teams that need a separate space for gay sports far more than, say, major coastal urban centers. One of the men was Asian and the rest were Caucasian. Eli Sanders is The Stranger's associate editor.

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