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This meant we were looking around instead of davenning and after warnings Osher decided to pick on poor yok who is now v frum!! Other eccentrics from later yrs must also include Mrs Pottage, the bumbling clueless Latin teacher, Mrs. Surely we were the people they should have worked hardest on. Anyway, the entire class, yoks even louder than the yids, naturally protested at the top of their voices: Then, regrettably, there was Mr. It was established that come what may we would be raising our voices and singing our national anthem with pride.

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Peter looked sharp in a light blue dress shirt with matching grey coat and tie.

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Hasmo Legends II: Yids vs. Yoks – The Religious Mix

Meanwhile, Felix enlists Dani's help on a photoshoot, while Emily lands a job at the tavern where the guys hang out. The zeal with which he did this was as comical as it was disturbing. The interest these posts have sparked has been overwhelming, and I feel a bit like JK Rowling. I hope Melchett bans this yanky rosenheim character that nobody seems to know from this site- who the f is he to judge someone? Everyone has mentionned the unique teaching staff. Noddy did not know whether to laugh or explode. How Prince Charles revealed the rivalry with his 'spare'

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In fact one guy told me that he told DJ to his face whilst in school that he can understand why so many kids drop out of Judaism from Hasmo if he, DJ, is supposed to be an example. It surely looked like one, but if you wear a wig you could surely choose a hairstyle that passed for normal, no? He passed away in the last couple of years. For weeks we were being buzzed by these grotesque flies who were happily setting up new homes for next generation Hasmo-maggots. Yeshiva Stream — you forgot 2p for a bun and orange juice.

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