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Most research on social stress has been concerned with individual prejudice. Gay Community News Dublin. The analyses provided M-H weighted ORs for each stratum. Three times this year alone, Santos has been robbed of her cell phone, once by an armed assailant. The lesbian internalized homophobia scale: Cole and colleagues found that HIV infection advanced more rapidly among gay men who concealed their sexual orientation than those who were open about their sexual orientation Cole et al. Retrieved 22 February

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A retrospective analysis would suggest that the attempt to find a scientific answer in that debate rested on flawed logic.

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List of gay, lesbian or bisexual people: W–Z

An issue of substance and an issue of method. Conformity to masculine norms, Asian values, coping strategies, peer group influences and substance use among Asian American men. Age preferences and mate choice among homosexuals and heterosexuals: Gay men and lesbian youth suicide. Journal of Adolescent Research. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology. Essays from the field.

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Retrieved 22 February Real and ideal gender role conflict: Prejudice and exclusion as social traumata. It is appealing because it recalls the commonplace experience that environmental and social conditions can be stressful. Henry James and Queer Modernity. Retrieved 10 March An exception to authors of earlier studies is Evelyn Hooker, who in several studies that became influential during the debate on the status of homosexuality, found that homosexual and heterosexual subjects were indistinguishable in psychological projective testing e.

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