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We have a very large active gay population and we are the home of one of the largest pride festivals in the Midwest. Though the power of the mutawwa'in has been curtailed recently, their presence still inspires fear. He hit Talal and grounded him for two months, letting him out of the house only after he swore he was no longer attracted to men. Acknowledging homosexuality would harden a potentially mutable behavior into an identity that contradicts the teachings of Islam, to the extent that Islam deals with the subject. Listen to America.

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On Finding Queer Joy.

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The threat of a crackdown always looms, however. Many Islamic scholars analogize the act to zina to determine a punishment, and some go so far as to say the two sins are the same. We can't wait for ABP! We arranged to get together that evening at the Starbucks on Tahlia Street.

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The downstairs man went to parties, drank, and committed zina.

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