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Prolactin levels and pituitary enlargement in hormone-treated male-to-female transsexuals. Testosterone decreases adiponectin levels in female to male transsexuals. Transsexual people identify as, or desire to live and be accepted as, a member of the gender opposite to that assigned at birth; the term male-to-female MTF transsexual person refers to a biological male who identifies as, or desires to be, a member of the female gender; female-to-male FTM transsexual person refers to a biological female who identifies as, or desires to be, a member of the male gender. Incidence of thrombophilia and venous thrombosis in transsexuals under cross-sex hormone therapy. The heritability of gender identity disorder in a child and adolescent twin sample. Men with delayed puberty have decreased BMD.

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Regular exams and gynecological advice should determine monitoring for breast cancer.

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Harry Benjamin

Montori; Endocrine Treatment of Transsexual Persons: Most attempts to identify biological underpinnings of gender identity in humans have investigated effects of sex steroids on the brain functions for a review, see Ref. GnRH analogs are expensive and not always reimbursed by insurance companies. Mature; nipple projects, areola part of general breast contour. In adults, discussion about mastectomy usually takes place after androgen therapy is begun.

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Successful treatment of metastatic androgen-independent prostate carcinoma in a transsexual patient. The experience of full biological puberty, an undesirable condition, may seriously interfere with healthy psychological functioning and well-being. Therapeutic potential of GnRH antagonists in the treatment of precocious puberty. It is important to recognise the difference between gender identity disorder, where the person feels they were born in the wrong gender, and disorders of sex development. All endocrine-treated individuals should be informed of all risks and benefits of cross-sex hormones before initiation of therapy. Benjamin also gives Jorgensen credit for the advancement of his studies. This page was last edited on 1 Augustat

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