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Caesar's political rivals feared these reforms were his attempts at transforming the Republic into an open monarchy. Though not the chief beneficiary, Antony did receive some bequests. American Journal of Philology. It is unclear if this was Antony's first marriage. Singer wears oversized fluffy coat at Grammys party after skipping the main event due to album snub World On Fire:

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Meanwhile, in Rome, the triumvirate was no more.

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Though the Armenian King Artavasdes II and his cavalry were present during the massacre, they did not intervene. He received the largest distribution, governing all of the Eastern provinces while retaining Gaul in the West. Overall, the Roman army had achieved a complete victory with Ventidius' three successive victories forcing the Parthians back across the Euphrates. Modern Politics in a Roman Toga". Wintering in Antioch during 37, Antony's combined Roman—Egyptian army numbered some , including sixteen legions approximatelysoldiers plus an additional 40, auxiliaries. Regional Approaches of the Early Empire ].

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The retreat soon proved a disaster as Antony's demoralized army faced increasing supply difficulties in the mountainous terrain during winter while constantly being harassed by the Parthian army. He then met a Parthian army at the border between Cilicia and Syria, defeating it and killing a large portion of the Parthian soldiers at the Amanus Pass. Pompey's forces, however, defeated them and assumed control of the Adriatic Sea along with it. When he found out that Cleopatra was still alive, his friends brought him to Cleopatra's monument in which she was hiding, and he died in her arms. Without the stability they provided, the divide between Caesar and Pompey grew ever larger. The Roman world was redivided, with Antony receiving the Eastern provinces, Octavian the Western provinces, and Lepidus relegated to a clearly junior position as governor of Africa.

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