Solution to gay marriage

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Turnbull, too, has an ideology, called the free market, and it needs fixing urgently. Now, same sex marriage green cards between citizens and immigrants may form the basis for legal immigration. Freedom of religion must also include freedom from religion. Following the recent Four Corners program on recycling, here are two questions everyone should be addressing to their council or to the contractor who receives council recycling. Many older Australians are asset rich but income poor. Can you please tell me which, if any, classes of materials brought to you end up in landfill?

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It is little wonder that players are confused about tackling when the umpires permit so much juvenile jostling, bumping and niggling.

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Same-sex marriage: Answering the issues of equality is the solution

FILE - In this April 19,file photo, supporters of a proposed constitutional amendment to protect businesses that deny services for same-sex weddings lobby Missouri legislators in Jefferson City, Mo. Matthew "high-rise" Guy' is tough on crime yet soft on influence peddling. Tony Abbott has sought to broaden the debate about same-sex marriage into an all-out culture war. They know they can't win on the merits of their opposition to same-sex marriage alone; they choose to distract and obfuscate and turn people's attention away from what is at heart a human rights issue. In certain cities and states, the police may be called due to a dispute in the home which included an alleged assault. We just need to know so that we don't waste any more precious hours cleaning and sorting "recyclables" which will go to landfill.

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It is such a visible display of a social issue where such lack of respect for property has apparently overwhelmed us to the degree that we have given up or just accept it as the norm. But as Solomonic as the compromise seems, giving up the word marriage may be impossible. This professional medical opinion will explain, for example, how a man could be married to a woman earlier in life and now be married to another man. Will an officer conclude that the first marriage was fraudulent and deny the new application as a result? Heavens knows what effect this is having at the junior-school level, where they must be mightily confused between "sportsmanship" and "professional sic practice". Graham Patterson, Briar Hill Wrong direction.

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