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Yet no one ever commented on George's supposed bisexuality or even hinted at it, not even enemies of the Boleyns, such as Chapuys. May 3, at 1: On 15 November he became keeper of the Palace of Beaulieu [27] and on 1 February was appointed chief steward of Beaulieu [28] later in October he would be granted a life interest in the Palace. It was during this mission that news reached them that the Pope had excommunicated Henry. He was well educated and spoke fluent French, although he did not spend his formative years abroad as his sisters did. July 15, at When George was not abroad, he often escorted foreign diplomats and ambassadors into the King's presence.

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Goerge Boleyn received an excellent education just like his sister.

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Anne Boleyn and the Downfall of her Family

This site uses cookies. Your email address will not be published. In contrast, Anne Boleyn was allowed to fall and there is evidence that Henry had tired of her. For me, it was very real. Who knows why Warnicke favoured the interpretation she did.

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June 7, at 5: March 29, at We all know someone who cannot have children and I think the husbands would be rather upset at being labelled homosexual because of this! The Destruction Of Sodom And Gomorrah - the cities destroyed by fire and brimstone because of their sinful people. Louise, I had never before thought about Anne asking where George was as evidence there was no initial charge of incest. As for homosexuality being rampant, it was actually seen as a mortal sin in those times and if the men had been homosexual then it could have been another way of bringing them down. Accusations Despite producing a healthy baby girl, Elizabeth, Anne's failure to provide a male heir was the beginning of the end of her and her family's streak of good luck.

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