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Obama said he was inspired by the case of a Florida family, where one of the mothers died while her partner and four children were denied visitation by the hospital. April 16, Hardwickthat same-sex intimate conduct was not protected under the right to privacy established under the Fourteenth Amendment. While many American socialist and communist political parties initially preferred to ignore the issue, most now support gay rights causes. Rolling Stone. May 30,

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More than 8, detained migrants—over a five-year period spanning both the Obama and Trump administrations—were placed in solitary confinement, which remains an ongoing practice as of May

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Equal Employment Opportunity Commission concluded that Title VII does not allow sexual orientation discrimination in employment because it is a form of sex discrimination. On December 5,the Obama administration announced the United States would use all the tools of American diplomacy, including the potent enticement of foreign aid, to promote LGBT rights around the world. Retrieved May 23,

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However, he stated that he opposed sodomy laws, a reversal of his position as governor of Texas.

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