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More in-depth interpretations offered in the Discussion reflect our understanding of data, which is inevitably shaped by our professional background i. His family is very religious. The average age of the participants was Central Statistical Office; During this socialization process, many gay men may have been particularly targeted.

Gay men and advertising targeted to gay men have been found to sexually objectify other men Siever,

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Living in Sin? How Gay Catholics Manage Their Conflicting Sexual and Religious Identities

Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. Reconciliation of conflicting identities may only be possible via differentiation and separation. Age 27, university graduate. The other categories were less expressive: They may also conflict with intimate needs and desires.

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Despite the theoretical advance in the field of gender studies, male chauvinist values related to the image of women subsist in our culture. Rural lesbian and gay lives. One kept it entirely secret and three only revealed it to a selected sibling. I was 13 then, and you know… faggots, dykes, etc. The answers underwent semantic and pragmatic analysis and were subsequently classified in analytical categories.