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If you want to get all quasi-Buddhist philosophy about it, the reason some words have the power to inflict psychological harm is because there they are infused with negative intention by their speaker. Enemabag Jones schlukitz No. Maybe it was easier for me because I agreed with their take on motorcycle douchebags. Carlos Delgado of iF magazine said "The F Word" marks a return of South Park 's tradition of tackling sensitive social issues with intelligent and politically incorrect writing, which Delgado said had been lacking in recent episodes. Jesus Christ, I run straight pipes on my bike and I find myself now at age 50 sometimes utterly absurd. My favorite memory of Trey and Matt is from Baseketball, where they proceed to make out, on film, for about half a minute.

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Why not redefine its meaning?

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We have fewer rights than chickens and junkies. The Yiddish word faygelelit. Do we need to have everything brought down to the lowest common denominator? The word faggot with regard to homosexuality was used as early asin Jackson and Hellyer's A Vocabulary of Criminal Slang, with Some Examples of Common Usages which listed the following example under the word, drag: But the incident got my attention.

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The concept that straight kids get to redefine anti-gay epithets is offensive and wrong. Robarts - University of Toronto. Were it not for the sheer number of negative, biased and hateful comments that do get posted on this site, I probably would have realized that you were being sarcastic. One-third of the boys in Pascoe's study claimed that they would not call a homosexual peer a fag, leading Pascoe to argue that fag is used in this setting as a form of gender policingin which boys ridicule others who fail at masculinity, heterosexual prowess, or strength. There are some wonderful str8 people in this world, I met one last night under the most bizarre of circumstances. As a side note:

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