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February 11 at 6 a. According to David R. Style Icons Vol 1 Golden Boys. University of Michigan Press. Pier Angeli talked only once about the relationship in her later life in an interview, giving vivid descriptions of romantic meetings at the beach.

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The Origins of Cool in Postwar America.

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Dean's first television appearance was in a Pepsi Cola commercial. See also "Bisexuality and Celebrity. Early in Dean's career, after Dean signed his contract with Warner Brothersthe studio's public relations department began generating stories about Dean's liaisons with a variety of young actresses who were mostly drawn from the clientele of Dean's Hollywood agent, Dick Clayton. Roberts 2 October February 7 at 1 p. Bringing Cave Paintings to Life.

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February 8 at 6 a. Retrieved 5 October There you have it: Happy Lunar New Year! Movie Stars of the s.

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