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A little bit about the history of nautical star tattoos: The choice of colors and the combination creates such a unique blend that is quite breathtaking. This is a cloud services platform that we used to host our service. These sailors often got tattoos of nautical stars or "compass stars" for superstitious reasons, hoping that the star would help guide their way through the night and get them home safely. Surprisingly enough, no one has made any really regrettable decisions so far. I shall be called 'Professor Sparrow' and be the Mr. This represents the ocean or peace.

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The possibilities are endless.

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Star Tattoos

They are very proud to display these tattoos to the public. You have entered an incorrect email address! With or without meaning, it looks fantastic! Again this one takes on the adorable Little Pony figure and makes it really come to life with the awesome colors of the rainbow. Today, people have nautical star tattoos for similar reasons, though its meaning can vary slightly:. Now she's a leader in a fringe right-wing online community spreading a bizarre political conspiracy theory. I'm a professional sells person, with my own business and have several.

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If the stars are aligned in a sequence with each star being bigger than the last, then this tattoo represents a journey that was taken. Getting a star tattoo on your inner wrist represents an achievement that is special and dear to you. You have entered an incorrect email address! Butterflies are ethereal creatures that come in brilliant colors and seem to exist for the sole reason of adding color and wonder to our lives. Im gettn a back piece with 56 stars in a path and then three big stars with portraits in them for the stars of my life.

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